What is my blog?

Now, there are probably so many blogs about life in general, so your probably thinking what’s so different about mine? Well the difference is my perspective. I will write things in which some you will agree, and others you will disagree. But isn’t that what life is all about?

You will agree and disagree with people about a whole range of subjects, and my blog is about getting my point to across to you, the audience. I take into consideration peoples different opinions and reasons.

So what will I be talking about?

  • Firstly I am a girl, so expect my opinions on different make ups, etc.
  • Secondly I am quite into politics, so expect my opinions. But I am not a devoted Conservative, Labour or Liberal Democrat. I take into account all views of each party.
  • Next, I will be blogging about entertainment, e.g films, music, TV programs .
  • I will also be giving me opinions on actors, actresses, and musicians.
  • And finally, yep you’ve guessed my opinion on life. I will be explaining my views about the stress people now experience in today’s society, and also life in general. There’s not really a description for life, you’ll understand when you see it.

You may be thinking if it’s about life then why am I talking about music, films, and not what really matters like world-wide disasters, and scandals? Well my point is all those things, politics, music, films, well they all shape today’s society and have created a new generation. They shape us to be who we are as much as other things. So actually they have a massive part to do with our life.

So if you want to carry on reading my blogs, please do. In fact I really hope you do, because although I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, I hope you can understand my views on today’s society.

Thank you.